Our Projects

In 2010, thanks to generous donors SCD purchased a small block of farm land in Kam Pong Speu Province with the idea of developing a functioning crop and animal farm that in the future could help sustain SCD. Since then, three more blocks of land have been purchased which now include one rice field an 850tree Orange farm, Fish Farm, Mango Trees, a large Vegetable Garden with Water Greens, Cabbage, Bok Choy and Lettuce. SCD also has a range of animals for breeding/selling and consumption including Pigs, Cows, Chickens and Ducks.

Over the past three years we have developed this land significantly and now have three houses including two kitchens, sleeping area for workers, three bathrooms and shelter for the animals. In 2011 we excavated one large dam which now serves as a fish farm and water supply for our crops. With help from our donors we have also been able to purchase one tractor, as well as an irrigation system and every day tools for the farm.

SCD also owns a large farm in Takeo Province for the soul production of rice for the consumption of our children. The rice fields cover almost 7 hectares and the crop is harvested once a year. This crop produces enough rice to feed our children for approximately 3 months, SCD still has to purchase rice for the remainder of the year and always appreciates sponsors who can help with this purchase.

Currently we employ ten people at the two farms who maintain the crops and care for the animals. Our children also travel to the farm which is located one hour from SCD to help work on the weekends. This is a great opportunity for our children to learn about agriculture as well as appreciate the important history of farming in Cambodia.

The SCD farms we believe are an increasingly important asset for the future of SCD. We hope that in the near future we will be collecting produce from our vegetable Garden and selling it at the local markets, with all profits going back to the children at SCD. In two years we hope to have substantial produce of oranges which will supply a great income for SCD. The produce will also be used for the daily meals and nutrition of our children, as all our crops are grown organically with no harmful chemicals. We believe that although this project is still in its early days that with the help of sponsors, SCD will be able to achieve it future goal of being self-sustainable.