Our Plans and Milestones

1 Year Milestone – October 2007

  • Number of children grew from 39 (Oct 2006) to 113
  • Employed English and IT teachers
  • Trained and developed staff in new skills to benefit the children
  • Welcomed more than 40 visitors to visit the children and see the work of the orphanage first hand
  • Spread the word of the orphanage's work through advertisement and word of mouth from visiting tourists
  • Purchased additional learning resources for children ie. books and educational toys
  • Cultivated a fruit and vegetable garden on site
  • Continued to develop relations with neighboring villages to allow children to socialize and integrate with the community

2 Year Milestone – October 2008

  • Number of children maintained at 113
  • Employed Khmer and Math teachers
  • Grew the number of visitors and volunteers to more than 360 since we first opened
  • Constructed a new 3-storey building that houses 3 classrooms, 2 offices, a library and a handicrafts room, and guest accommodations
  • Constructed a boys’ dorm building capable of housing 100 children
  • Installed a water purification and bottling system
  • Expanded the dining hall and boys’ bathroom facilities
  • Developed a small animal farm with ducks, pigs and chickens

3-4 Year Plan

  • Replace current wooden perimeter fencing with concrete or steel construction
  • Construct and new girls’ dorm
  • Install a permanent electricity supply to replace existing generator
  • Purchase more land to extend the orphanage
  • Develop partnerships with guesthouses in Phnom Penh to allow tourists to visit and stay at the orphanage
  • Distribute donation collection boxes to hotels and guesthouses in Phnom Penh
  • Purchase additional farm animals (ie. cows, goats, chickens, and pigs) to train the children in care and compassion for animals
  • Continue to assist the social development of the children through song, dance, sport, handicraft and art

5 - 10 Year Plan

  • Possible extension of facilities to cater for over 200 children
  • Continue the training and employment of highly skilled staff
  • Establish opportunities for children to learn small business operations and gain valuable handicraft skills through onsite crafts production and sale and through onsite bottling and distribution of SCD Pure Drinking Water
  • Develop partnership with businesses in Phnom Penh for job placement for children over 18 years old
  • Provide quality and affordable higher education for children from the neighboring communities and villages
  • Seek out sponsorship to create scholarships to send successful high-school graduates to university