Our Home
Over the past eight years, SCD has grown and developed from an 8494m² vacant block to a property that holds all the necessary facilities to create the loving home that SCD is today. Along with the buildings present at SCD, we also have developed a small Vegetable Garden, Pig, Chicken and Fish Farm which provide us with the nutrients and protein for our children’s everyday meals. We are always thinking of ways to improve and develop our facilities for the benefit of the children, so if you wish to donate or have suggestions for how we can improve our home here at SCD, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

SCD’s Facilities and Resources include:

  • Property: 8494 square meters for SCD’s whole center
  • Main building housing English and IT/Computer classrooms, The library, Guest Accommodations and Executive Director’s office/residence
  • Secondary building housing the Khmer/Math classroom and two of the girls rooms
  • Six Room girls dormitory building
  • Seven Room boys dormitory building
  • Two bathroom buildings – Boys and Girls
  • Dining hall – also houses Administration Office and Bicycle Storage
  • Kitchen
  • Family cottage for caretaker and Medical Room
  • Small Pontoon for children to relax and Play
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Fish, Pig and Chicken farm
  • Small pond used in dry season as water source for vegetable garden
  • Two pumping wells
  • Concrete wall fencing around the perimeter to ensure safety for the children