Our Children

The children who call SCD home all come from different backgrounds and circumstances but each child we treat is equally deserving of our help and help from sponsors. We have children that are orphans, have been abandoned, Fatherless and motherless children-focusing on children whose parents have been affected by land mines or AIDS/HIV and children that have come from extremely poor and destitute families. In all our beautiful children you can see the gratitude they have for this opportunity to better their lives and future.

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Our Children’s daily Monday to Friday Routine:

5:00am - Wake up, clean dorms

5:30am - Eat Breakfast

6:00am - Walk 10 minutes to local school in nearby village for primary and secondary school students whilst high school students ride by bicycle 6kms to Pong Tek High School

7:00am - Lessons at school begin

8:00am - Extracurricular lessons at SCD begin (English, IT, Khmer, Math)

11:00am - Classes Finish at SCD and State School, students return to the orphanage

11:15am - lunch

12:00am - Students return to state school study depending on their schedule

1:00pm - Lessons at school begin

2:00pm - Extracurricular lessons at SCD begin (English, IT, Khmer, Math)

5:00pm - Classes finish at SCD and State school students return to the Orphanage

5:20pm - Dinner

6:00pm - Free recreation time, children play games and sport, read, or talk with their friends

7:00pm - Study, homework from state school, practice English in their rooms

8:20pm - Take a bath and prepare room for sleeping

8:30pm - Read a book

9:00pm - Bedtime

On Saturdays the children follow the same routine however don’t have classes in SCD as we wish for the children to have free time to play and relax. On Sundays the children have no study, so spend the day cleaning their room and playground, washing their clothes and completing any extra study or homework. The children also have much free time to play, draw, watch TV or just relax and be the happy children that they are, they also receive a special sweet treat which they love!

Thank you to our wonderful supporters and volunteers for these beautiful photos of our children.