Support a Child

The latest Save the Children Cambodia for Development project is our Foster Parent Appeal Program. It currently costs US $360 to support each child’s living expenses for one year. This includes food, clothing, healthcare and schooling. Through the Foster Parent Appeal Program we aim to find foster parents to support eachchild for one year.

We are appealing for Foster Parents now. Cambodia has thousands of children in desperate need and your support will help change the life of one child. The relationships between Foster Parents and children flourish throughout the year through encouragement and heartfelt letters or emails exchanged several times annually. Not only does this help to form a bond between the Foster Parents and child, but it enhances the child’s English language development and understanding of other cultures. In addition, Foster Parents are most welcome to come and visit their foster child at the SCD fact we encourage it!

When you become a Foster Parent to one of our children – you will have a direct hand in creating a positive, bright future for that child. The reward is truly immeasurable for everyone involved.

If you would like to be a part of this very valuable program, here’s what you do:

Read through the biographies of the children living at SCD orphanage by clicking on the links below.

The links below take you to view biographies of all the children at Save the Children Cambodia for Development who are waiting for a new Foster Parent.

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