About Us

Founded in 2005, Save the Children Cambodia for Development (SCD) provides a permanent loving home for some of Cambodia's most disadvantage children, giving them a life-changing education and hope for their future. In the beginning, SCD stared with 39 children; today we provide a safe and loving home for more than 100 children.

SCD was founded by Mr Chan Norn (A Cambodian National) and Mr Cormac Creed a generous American business man. After meeting and realizing their shared passion to help Cambodia's orphans and poorest children, the dream of creating a safe home and a better future for these children began. Together Norn and Cormac purchased a block of land in Traphang Sala Village and began developing the beautiful home that is now SCD.

Our Story

Cambodia, known as the Kingdom of Wonder is a country rich with culture, history and beautiful people. However it is a country that has suffered a horrific past of civil war under the rule of the Khmer rouge from 1974 to 1979 and the following years of civil unrest. Today Cambodia is in the midst of rebuilding itself socially, economically and psychologically. The scars of the past, however will take decades to heal. The people of Cambodia are among the poorest in the world, trying to rebuild a country where most of the governmental and social structures were destroyed.

The fact that most of the educated people were killed under the Khmer Rouge rule, makes the rebuilding an overwhelming task. Currently more than one third of Cambodians live below the poverty line, struggling to survive on less than $1 a day. Poverty is seen worst in rural areas and remote provinces, especially amongst children who due to the low life expectancy constitute more than half of the country's population. Countless poor families are destitute and unable to support themselves or send their children to school. The majority of these families will receive no government support and urgently need our help.

Viewing this miserable situation Mr. Chan Norn with great support from foreign donors (Mr. Cormac Creed) decided to take action to help these orphans and poorest of children, to give them hope for the future. In 2005 SCD was registered with the Royal Government of Cambodia as an official Non-Governmental Organization and today is home to over 100 children and receives support from generous donors all around the world.

Our Mission

Our primary mission at SCD is to help create a better quality of life and a restored hope for the children’s future by providing them with a permanent loving home. We focus on the care of children who have been directly affected by existing poverty; whether they are orphans or their parents have been injured or killed from AIDS/HIV/Land mines and are to poor or unable to care for and provide an education for their children. We aim to provide a safe home for this poorest of children were they can live a safe and happy life.

Our children gain an education, and are given a safe and loving home where they receive an education, shelter, nutrition, healthcare, recreation , cultural and moral guidance/support and are given counseling if ever necessary. Our education program at SCD supplements the public education, though additional English Language, Khmer, Mathematics and Information and Technology (IT) Computer classes. Classes both at local public school and at SCD, free time and healthy interaction gives a balanced rhythm to the lives of our children, who all consider each other brothers and sisters. We are also committed to maintaining the connections between the children under our care and any remaining family they may have. During Khmer New Year and other traditional holidays, we provide safe transportation back to their home villages to spend time with their family. At SCD we also try to create as many opportunity’s as we can for our children to have the best possible future. We have just had our first group of students graduate from their public high school with wonderful results and are now all continuing their studies at university. We are very proud and hope that our children can continue their studies at university with the generous support of sponsors.

All of our children are such special souls and we can see that when we nourish and educate this group of children, this same help continues into their families, their society and their country. We hope that SCD will be a lasting gift to these children, to Cambodia and to the generations that follow.